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Featured Event:
Bloom (April 15 - 30, 2018)

"Daisy Dreams" by Disorderly+Moon Amore @ Bloom    
Daisy's Dress (rare)
Daisy Umbrella (rare)
Daisy Hat Yellow
Watering Can White
Daisy Jar Pink
Daisy Dream Bunny
Floating Daisies

Featured Events: 
The Epiphany (April 15 - May 12, 2018)
Collabora88 (April 1 - May 6, 2018)
Shiny Shabby (April 20 - May 15, 2018)

Hair: Sarah by Rama @ Shiny Shabby (Exclusive)
Top and Bottom: Soft by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Shoes: Sunflower Platforms by Pure Poison
 @ Collabora88
Flower: Sunflower by Maru Kado


Knoxlane Barrel Bench by Trompe Loeil @ Collabora88

"Something Old, Something New" by 22769 The Epiphany
Glass Vase with Flowers
Lounge Sidetable
Tris Wall Planter
DIY Storage
Blanket Box
Fairy Tale Books


Featured Events:
The Epiphany (April 15 - May 12, 2018)
Powder Pack (April 2018)

Face Jewels: "Weekend Festival" Festival Chunky Face Jewel 4 by Rama @ The Epiphany
Eyes: "Dilate Eyes" Gold Glitter (rare) by Anatomy @ The Epiphany
Lashes: Pretty Lashes by BesomPowder Pack (April)
Make-up: Insta Beauty Set 07 by Just MagnetizedPowder Pack (April)
Ears: Stretched Ears Season 2 Gold by Mandala (New @ Mainstore)
Nails: Glamourous Bento Nails by Pink Hustler @ The Epiphany
Mouth Jewel: Opulence by Fakeicon

Featured Events:
Collabora88 (April 1 - May 6, 2018)
The Epiphany (April 15 - May 12, 2018)

Backdrop: "Weekend Festival" Festival Flower Wall (rare) by Rama @ The Epiphany

Skin: Giusy by Skinnery @ Collabora88
Mesh Head: Lona by Catwa
Hair: Relay by Little Bones @ Collabora88
Dress: Spring Sweater Dress by Zenith @ Collabora88
Headdress: Eden Salmon by Lode

Featured Event:
Neo-Japan (April 1-22, 2018)

Headdress: Shizuko by Zibska @ Neo-Japan
Dress: Enduo by .Shi @ Neo-Japan
Shoes: Airo Geta by .Shi @ Neo-Japan

"Tokyo Wave" Psycho Backdrop Parallel Universe by OLQINU @ Neo-Japan

Featured Events:
Fameshed (April 1 - 27, 2018)
Shoetopia (April 2 - 16, 2018)
Uber (March 25 - April 23, 2018)

Hair: Brigit by Rama @ Fameshed (EXCLUSIVE only during the event)
Top: Tia Sweatshirt by Spirit @ Uber
Pants: Tia Jeans by Spirit @ Uber
Shoes: Racing Shoes by Rebel Gal @ Shoetopia

Featured Events:
Kurenai (March 31 - April 30, 2018)
Neo-Japan (April 1-22, 2018)

Tongue: STFU Trap by Cerberus Xing @ Kurenai
Collar:  Kuze by Cerberus Xing @ Neo-Japan
Eyepatch: Bloody Cyclops by Cerberus Xing
Ring: Creeper by Cerberus Xing 

Featured Events:
Neo-Japan (April 1-22, 2018)
Shoetopia (April 2 -16, 2018)
Uber (March 25 - April 23, 2018)

Skin: Satoko by MudskinNeo-Japan
Hair: My Hair Kula by Monso @ Neo-Japan
Top: Yayoi Sweater by Emery @ Uber
Bottom: Young Denim Shorts by Emery @ Uber
Shoes: Pixie Sneakers by Pixicat @ Shoetopia
Companions: Easter Chihuahua by Mishmish @ Uber

Backdrop: Nighttime Bus Stop by  Taikou @ Neo-Japan

Feature Events:
Shoetopia (April 2 -16, 2018)
Shiny Shabby (March 20 - April 15, 2018)

Georgia Peeptoes by Garbaggio @ Shoetopia

Decors: "Pearlized" by Disorderly @ Shiny Shabby
Glass Box
Hand Mirror
Love Letters
Tea Cups
Small Stand
Necklace Stand
Rose Vase

Pearlized  Gacha Key

"First Class Kitty" Luxury Toys Noir by Half-Deer
"White Winter" Jewelry Box by Dust Bunny